If you see a whole thing - it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives... But up close a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. - Ursula K. LeGuin

Monday, March 2, 2009

RBOC: Snow Day

  • Yes, as it is everywhere else on the East Coast, today is a snow day here in SouthLite. It has actually felt more like a snow weekend for me. We had endless rain for two days and b has been home sick in bed. This means I have been working nonstop.
  • One more snow day and I could actually be ahead--yeah, that's so not going to happen.
  • The Brute seems to be mostly over his cold (the violent sneezing from last week's post). For about 2 days all seemed good with him. He was no longer scratching, obsessively licking, feeling scabby or sneezing. Last night however we discovered a small bald patch on his left shoulder and the scratching appears to be back.
  • b, although sick, did manage to get a reprieve from 2 of his wisdom teeth being pulled. However the one that's in sideways--that needs to come out and it will be surgical.
  • Angel is still not employed and is still bored. He's coming home next week for Spring Break and not looking forward to it. This, of course, makes me feel extra-special wonderful.
  • Friday Pumpkin came over for lunch and we ended up in a discussion where I had to give her constructive criticism. She took it well...I felt lousy.
  • Even though my students continue to impress and delight me I am still counting the days until summer.
  • Our Women and Gender Studies program hosted a fabulous discussion on feminist pedagogy for faculty and students.
  • I have very few absolute lifetime rules that I have imposed upon Angel. They can probably be summed up with: you can never join any branch of the military; you should always drink responsibly and never drink and drive; if you father a child you have to take responsibility for said child; and you can never own a motorcycle. He's fine with most of them except for the last. Here's a picture from his adventures in Costa Rica:


MFA Mama said...

Those are pretty much the same rules I have for my boys. Except for one additional one. "If you get married when you grow up," (here is where the oldest chimes in and says it along with me) "don't be mean to the person you marry or you won't be very happy."

MFA Mama said...

Oh and um...what's RBOC mean?

Julie said...

Seeing your kid on a motorcycle has got to be terrifying. My daughter wanted to jump out of a plane. Thankfully, the weather didn't cooperate for a jump, so she opted to "just" fly in a little tin can. My new rule is that she's not supposed to tell me about the terrifying things she does until after she's already done them. It looks like Angel did the same thing!

(BTW, I wonder if Angel ever sees your blog and laughs about total strangers calling him Angel? I know the name was his idea, but that's got to be funny to him).

I'm sorry The Brute's scratching again. I wonder what on earth is causing it.

Anonymous said...

You know you're solidly into the academic life when the bad weather means you're excited to catch up on tons of work!

blue milk said...

I hate to say it - but I've loved owning a motorbike.