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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conference Life: Part II

I am finally home from my conference extravaganza and I'm just beginning to recover. The excitement was nonstop from start to finish. If you haven't guessed by now I'm pretty much a Straight-A Introvert and, while I had a blast, it was difficult being so social for so many days. I need a few days of hermitage before I'll be myself again.

There is way too much to discuss in a blog post so I've pulled out some of the highlights below:

Being with Friends

I think this was the best part of the entire conference. A lot (and I mean A LOT) of my colleagues and students went and that was nice and fun but truth be told I see them all the time. We're a close bunch and have many opportunities to socialize. What made this special was being able to spend real quality time with my favorite women ever. LTTS and I roamed the conference together for a few days and I went out to several meals (as well as a cool museum--see below) with her and Beau, who I totally dig. A-girl showed up Monday evening and the three of us (me, Sparkle and A-girl) were pretty much inseparable until it was time to travel home. I miss them dearly when I'm not with them and we're trying to come up with more opportunities to see one another.

Cool Presentation

I had so much going on at this conference that I had decided I would not go to any presentations beyond the ones that included my friends and colleagues. However, as I was sitting through one very boring talk (I was waiting for a good friend to have her turn to present) I went through the program and found a presentation that was on the EXACT same topic as the chapter I'm writing that happens to be due at the end of the month. I got up early just to attend this presentation and was very pleased I did. Not only did it help immensely with my work but it was fascinating. I'd like to write more about the topic here but don't think I can just yet. I'm currently rethinking this whole idea of being pseudo-anonymous but am pending the official tenure decision before I go there.

My Presentations

What can I say, I totally rocked all three of my talks. I'm very comfortable with public speaking (which doesn't really match with the whole introvert thing but I can put it aside for the occasion) and I'm feeling very confident and sure of my work lately, so its not a surprise. In spite of that it still felt great to nail each one. The one poster that I presented did not go as well but (a) it was not on one of my studies so I was less sure of the work and (b) it was placed with the wrong group. Although the presentations went exactly as I wanted, next time I think I'm sticking to one...maybe two at the most.


The restaurants in the City of Brotherly Love were excellent. I was less than excited before I went because all I knew of the city was cheesesteaks--which just don't do it for me--but we ate at some lovely restaurants and I quite enjoyed myself. Better yet, I ate sensibly and walked so much that I still managed to lose a pound this week.

The Mutter Museum

Many years ago, when b and I were still dating, we saw a TV special on the Mutter Museum and instantly wanted to visit. While I've been in the City of Brotherly Love since, I never managed to find and visit the museum. LTTS and Beau were more than willing to accompany me. While we didn't have much time--the museum closes at 5 pm--we managed to get it all in. You really haven't seen everything in life until you've seen what's in this museum.


life_of_a_fool said...

I'm also very introverted but am a pretty decent public speaker. For me I think the difference is preparation and being somewhat in control. And, I am totally wiped out after conference socializing as well. Glad you had a good time!

Julie said...

It sounds like a very positive experience! I know what you mean about socializing for several days in a row. But congrats on a good conference. I would love to have heard your presentations.

Dr. Bad Ass said...

I'm just about to start my own conference extravaganza next week -- and also in the City of Brotherly Love! Is there anywhere in particular I shouldn't miss (other than the Mutter, which is already on my list -- thanks!)? I'll be there next week, and then in Albuquerque for the week after Thanksgiving.
And, like you, I'm kind of a shy person but I rock presentations. Not sure why....

Brigindo said...

Dr. Bad Ass- Everyone I know is coming or going from the City of Brotherly Love this semester. The Terminal Market, which is right next to the Convention Center should not be missed. It is loud and crowded and particularly crazy at lunch time but it is filled with amazing food. Other than the Mutter Museum, all of my experiences outside of the conference were food related. We went to a great Mexican restaurant (not great as in authentic but as in great food and fun) on 13th Street. I believe it was called Evie's or something like that. Amazing burritos w/ portobella mushrooms and sweet potato...so that kind of place.

Dr. Bad Ass said...

Thanks! I'm leaving tomorrow morning, with a HUGE pile of work to do on the plane.... burritos sound great!