If you see a whole thing - it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives... But up close a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. - Ursula K. LeGuin

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Really Really Really Wanted to Blog This Week But....

...Monday I went to visit with Angel.  It took 3 hours to drive back and forth and I spent 3 hours with him, so there went my day.  I took him and his roommate out to lunch and then we all went food shopping.  I am trying to show Angel how to shop and cook economically and easily.  Tonight b cooked chicken stew and videotaped himself because that's the next dish Angel wants to try.

...Tuesday was lost to teaching and everything I didn't do Sunday (because of the birth) and Monday.

...Wednesday was lost to meetings: two doctoral student meetings, a search committee meeting, and a meeting for the administrative committee that I chair.  Wednesday night I made it to yoga.  After all that healthy goodness I met b for a beer and a light dinner.

...Thursday was lost to teaching and, at long last, the tenure and promotion reception.  b got off work early since they allowed guests.  There was wine and cheese and hummus and fruit.  There was a copy of all the books chosen by the tenure and/or promotion recipients this year.  There was a woman walking around interviewing us for a library podcast on the event (you can imagine how many people listen to that each year).  There were "words" spoken by the Provost and the Chancellor.  There were even parting gifts--a poster of yourself with your book.  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of books on feminism and/or motherhood.  I was not surprised by the poor quality wine.  Earlier in the day b found out he got a new job.  It is sort of an add-on to his current job but it allows him to merge some of his different interests and sets him up for his dream job.  To celebrate we went out to one of our favorite swanky restaurants and had good wine (and food).

...Friday was lost to:  feeling sick from Thursday's festivities; more meetings; actual writing; and my monthly outing with the doctoral students (we've dubbed it our "monthlies").  A large number of students couldn't make it this time--due to real or imagined responsibilities--and for once I didn't want a Guinness but I womanned up and stuck it out for the five students (and one mom!?) that attended.

...Saturday was lost to tai chi and grocery shopping and class prep and cooking a quick dinner of salmon, shrimp, asparagus and pasta with a improvised mustard, lemon, white wine and caper sauce.  Saturday night I might have actually watched a show with my sweetie.

...Today was lost to my monthly chi gung class [for which I travel 45 minutes each way to a neighboring city and take the class in the finished basement of people I've never met before in my life from an 81 year old man who barely speaks English while his daughter translates] and then a plethora of work that took well into the evening but barely put a dent in my To Do list.

Maybe tomorrow?


Drax said...

All sounds good to me. Carry on, Seer/Poet/Scribe/Pathfinder/Teacher/Warrior/Wife. Just fix up those damn em dashes. You running a blog here or what? Come on! Standards!

Annie said...

Hi Brigindo,
I'd take your full week to blogging any day. It's great you're doing so much and keeping active- much better than blogging. Though I do miss your visits. I've been behind, too, lately, but I plan to post more soon about what I've been reading and viewing- a lot of Louise Erdrich, and miscellaneous, enjoyable art.

Julie said...

It sounds like a good week (except for feeling sick from the festivities). A mom attended the monthly? Haha! I feel sort of sorry for the student. But maybe she is a way cool mother.

Congratulations on the tenure/promotion reception...and for b's new job. A step to a dream job is awesome.

Maggie May said...

a full and productive week- a big eh on the blog. live it up. you'll have more to write later:)