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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pizza...Or How I Spend Spring Break

I love to bake (much more than I love to cook) and baking bread is probably my favorite. Since it's Spring Break this week I figured I had time for "Make Your Own Pizza" night. The name is a misnomer as I do most of the making. B assembles at the end and Boy prefers me to do everything.

The Ingredients

The Dough

My favorite part of baking bread (or any yeast product) is the kneading. I just don't get the point of bread machines. To be able to feel the dough come alive in your hand is the most exciting part of the process. Ok, maybe eating it--actually I don't know which I like more.

One-handed Kneading (b wasn't home so other hand was taking the picture)

Ready to Rise

As I wait for the dough to rise I make the sauce:

I also do some writing on the "Grant That Just Doesn't Want To Be Written."

It seems The Brute:

and Pupzilla:

had other pastimes in mind.

Dough Risen

At this point I separate the dough into 3 pieces for our individual pizzas, wrap them, and put them in the 'fridge and I'm off to the dojo.

Hours later I return to find b home with our brand-spanking new tent set-up in the backyard (sorry no pics yet). We are very excited.

Back inside for cocktails and the forming of the pizzas:

At the end b and I enjoy the fruits of my labor:

(photo courtesy of b)

Boy, who is out for his first day of work at his 2nd job, does not make it home in time for dinner. I make him a calzone (his usual preference):

which he eats when he gets home at 10:30.

b and I stay up to watch "Elizabeth: The Golden Age."


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That looks delicious! And it sounds like a good day.

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You're making me hungry!

k8 said...

Yummy! I must make pizza soon!