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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Angel Update

Angel's had his first migraine. Yesterday was Day 4. It seems the stress of I-week triggered it. The good news is that today is the last day of I-week and, as of yesterday, he had only lost 3 matches.

For I-week they are given a pack of 20 matches at the beginning of the week. A brother can stop them at any time, inspect their attire (they must be wearing a tie, dress shirt and pants) and/or ask them fraternity-related questions. If they answer incorrectly or are not dressed appropriately one of their matches are lit. By the end of the week if they have no matches left they cannot pledge.

So yesterday Angel told me he's had a throbbing headache that he thinks is like the ones I get. I went through the obvious symptoms of a migraine with him and he answered them all in the affirmative. I mentioned remedies that people claim work for them, although they've never done anything for me. Last we spoke, he was off to lie down in the dark and hopefully nap before some big I-week event last night.

I'm not surprised by the migraine and I'm sure this won't be his last one. When he was young he felt his stress and anxiety in his stomach. It somehow makes sense that as he's gotten older its moved to his head.


Seeking Solace said...

Migraines are no fun. Has he tried OTC stuff?

Pledging was burtal back in my day!

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Oh no! I hope Angel's migraine subsides soon. And that he can enjoy the initiation.

MoxieMamaKC said...

Has he been formally diagnosed with migranes? Handsome gets cluster headaches which is a form of migranes that only men get. They are super intense and the only thing that works for Handsome is Excederin Migrane. Not even the prescription drugs could help. I'd look into cluster headaches if I were him. Hopefully he'll feel better soon!

Julie said...

I'm so sorry! I have suffered with migraines my whole life, so I really sympathize with this one. Plus, it's extra hard when our kids are hurting, so I'm feeling bad for mom, too. Hugs. I see this post was two days ago, so I hope he's doing much, much better now.