If you see a whole thing - it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives... But up close a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. - Ursula K. LeGuin

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Working At Home

More pros and cons:
  • Pro: being able to change where I work. My most likely spots are: in bed, at the kitchen table, in the office (a.k.a. Angel's room) with the big screen.
  • Con: acting as doorwoman for the animals
  • Pro: taking work breaks to cook or bake
  • Con: discovering a file or book I desperately need is at the office
  • Pro: taking work breaks to exercise or walk Pupzilla
  • Con: feeling the need to take more breaks

1 comment:

Seeking Solace said...

I saw a tee-shirt once that said "My Job...let dog out, let dog in, let dog out, let dog in...

What's tough sometimes is that instead of letting me work. the Boy wants me to play with him!