If you see a whole thing - it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives... But up close a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. - Ursula K. LeGuin

Sunday, May 31, 2009

RBOC: Links Edition

  • May has pretty much come and gone and I realize its been over a month since I've updated the blogosphere on the minutiae of my life.
  • I've also noticed that my rate of posting this year is less than half of what I was doing last year. A while back I decided to use blogging as a reward for writing. That system never really got off the ground but I have been writing--academic writing that is--up a storm so there is just less time to blog. This is a good thing but I miss thinking in a bloggy way about my life.
  • I have continued my Twitter experiment but find I use it more to follow than to tweet. I like to tweet but often get lost in other people's worlds and forget about my own.
  • I'm using TweetDeck and can also follow Facebook friends.
  • My Facebook friends are not as interesting as my Twitter friends.
  • Personally I think Twitter is old news now that NIH is in the act.
  • I've come to the conclusion that reward systems don't work well for me. I either get into the act of doing something and the doing is the reward itself or I just don't.
  • I haven't gotten back into physical activity yet this summer--especially my core plans--but there is still time and hope.
  • I have made some progress on my summer reading lists. I've read two of the fiction books, added and read a third, and have just started Always Coming Home by LeGuin. For the nonfiction I'm reading three of the books at once.
  • You can keep up with the progress by joining me on GoodReads.
  • I have a few Barnes & Noble giftcards and am looking forward to a day of shopping.
  • Angel is home and working. There is much more to be said on that but I'll leave that for its own post.
  • Termites are still swarming. It seems this can go on for 3 months after treatment. Unfortunately a colony seems to live in the attic directly above the bathroom. Termites in the tub--not so pleasant.
  • Family news continues to be bad. There seems to be a cancer outbreak in both mine and b's families.
  • The economy is hitting my family extremely hard. I find myself asking--where do people go when they are out of options?
  • I'm working on grant #2. I need a full draft by Monday night so b and I can go camping for 2 days. The finished product needs to be routed by June 9th.
  • We'd like to go back to the lake and spend two days paddling but b has just informed that it will be 90 degrees both days. Between the heat and the grant I may decide to stay inside.

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Julie said...

I'm so sorry about the bad cancer news in your families. "I'm sorry" seems like too little. But I truly am sorry.

I'm also sorry about your bad economic news. The recession has hit me like a ton of bricks. I ask the same question you do.

I'm glad for your good news, though. I hope you get to camp and have a great time.