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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Obligatory Shoe Post

So it seems academics like shoes. Profgrrrl had her tenure boots a while back. Seeking Solace has sought advice from the bloggy world on shoe choices and Scientistmother
took umbrage with Dr. Isis' condemnation of square-toed shoes.

Therefore I feel it is only fitting that I put my two cents in. I love shoes, always have. However I have never been a fan of the high heel or the pointy toe. Sorry, all those so-called "cute" shoes look like pure torture to me and my size 9 wide feet. I have put my feet through a lot of stress--walking, running, and kicking--but they've been relatively free of shoe abuse.

As I get older I can only get kinder to my feet. My latest kindness and obsession has found a happy home in Keens.

I own this pair in blue

and just bought a pair similar to these

These boots are a current fantasy.

There you are, my bloggy friends, a true middle-aged academic shoe obsession.


k8 said...

I'm not middle aged and I agree! I like my keens, merrills, borns, docs, clarks (especially the indigo line), etc. I do not wear spiky heels. I have healed boots, but they aren't that high (I stop at 2 inches for anything worn semi-regularly) and they are stable. Comfortable and cute! We only get one pair of feet - we should treat them well!

Seeking Solace said...

I have had a love affair with shoes since college. My nickname back then was Imeda because of my extense collection.

I just wrote a post about my need for more comfy shoes.

Dr. Bad Ass said...

I'm with ya, sister! I love all things Keen, but unfortunately their sizing doesn't work for me. Either too small or too large. I do have a pair of knock-offs (similar to the sandals at the top) that I love.

Julie said...

Shoes! Oh yeah! I never even heard of Keens (I'm a bit out of it all), but I really like their look. They look like a person could walk for miles in them. Yeah, what is it about shoes? I go nuts about them, too. But it's rare I find a pair that work for me, so I'll have to check those out. Take care!

Amanda said...

I do like shoes. I've not heard of keens either, but they certainly look comfy!

Deb said...

That's my kinda shoes. The 4" heels and the like do nothing for me. But I got me some hiking boots, some comfortable running shoes (for when I have to run for the smoke detector going off at dinner) and some sandals. That's all this girl needs.