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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot Yoga

I accidentally stumbled upon hot yoga when I was at a conference in Emerald City a few months back.  I was staying in a hotel with a teeny-tiny fitness room and I wanted another work-out option. I was also rooming with my friend, Real, who had been saying she needed to get into yoga for a quite a while but had done nothing about it.  I figured it was a perfect opportunity to try something new.

The closest yoga studio to the hotel was hot yoga.  I knew nothing about it but figured it was worth a shot.  I invited three other colleagues/friends and we made our way to the studio with no expectations.  The studio offered a number of different classes but somehow we ended up in the 90-minute power class.  I had never taken power yoga before and the combination of the two was amazing but a little overwhelming for those in our party who were brand-new to yoga.  The studio offered a one-week trial deal that was only $2 more expensive than 1 drop-in class.  We were sold. One of my friends and I went back the second day for a 60-minute power class and then three of us tried a restorative yoga class.  I loved all three classes and was anxious to try it back in SouthLite.

Real and I created "Detox Week" and the plan was to find a similar one-week trial deal at a hot yoga studio at home.  SouthLite boasts two hot yoga studios.  One has a second location in a neighboring city (CigaretteVille, where Real lives) so that was the one we chose.  The same foursome signed up last week and I did a total of 3 classes.

It seems not all hot yoga studios are alike.  This studio followed the Bikram method.  There are 26 postures and they are done EXACTLY the same for every class.  There is no power, there is no restorative, there is only hot.  Hot was even hotter this time at 105 degrees (as compared to 95 in Emerald City).  Worse yet the studio floor was carpeted!  Who would do that?  The studio is owned and run by an aging hippie couple that were very sweet.  He was the instructor for my first class and she was the instructor for my second.  Yesterday I had my third (and final) class with some other woman.

Yoga, in my limited experience so far, is relaxing.  Yes it can be strenuous and I've enjoyed the few power and/or flow classes that I've taken, but the emphasis is still on a calm state of mind. This instructor was harsh.  She barked instructions, was critical if you did something wrong or popped out of a posture too soon and tried to stop people from leaving the room.  Not what I'm looking for in a yoga class.

I've found another studio with a one-week deal that offers a variety of classes including hot yoga, "peaceful yoga" and "yin yoga."  I'll let you know how this one turns out. 


Catherine said...

Definitely look for a new class. But also consider telling that friendly hippie couple why you're not coming back. There's no excuse for such behavior--not letting people leave!!! She shouldn't be working there. Maybe she could get a new job as a prison guard.

ruth pennebaker said...

Tried to stop people from leaving the room? Good lord. Isn't that how people died in that Arizona sweat lodge?

Excuse my Sanskrit, but you can find some real assholes teaching yoga.

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