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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel's New Digs

Sunday b and I drove down to visit with Angel in his new home.  He had been working double shifts all week but had Sunday and Monday off.
We met one of his roommates (the other is off visiting Vietnam as part of the school's study abroad program) and his roommate's cat.  The cat has a stubby tail because someone wrapped a band around it when she was a kitten.  I don't know how people can be so cruel.  She's a very sweet cat.
Angel gave us the tour and all I could say to b was that the house is a lot nicer than the one we're renting.  The rooms are all large.  They have nice wooden floors and great detail on the walls.  I really liked the yard.  It has a lot of potential.  It's an odd shape, with a lot of little sections and steps that remind me of an English garden.
The house also has a formal dining room and a breakfast nook.  We're big fans of the breakfast nook in our family.

Angel says he eats most of his meals in his room.

The kitchen is very nice and comfortable for cooking.  Angel is buying groceries like cereal and sandwich fixings but he wants to learn how to cook simple meals.  We're supposed to be sending him recipes.  I brought groceries with me to cook one of his favorite dishes: Arroz Con Pollo.  We also bought him a pot because we weren't sure if he had anything to cook it in.

As we were driving down, he called to see if we minded cooking for some of his fraternity brothers.  Of course I said I'd be happy to meet his friends and that there was always enough food.  I ended up cooking for 10.
I wrote down the recipe and took pictures at each step while I was cooking. I'm in the process of putting it altogether for Angel. The guys loved the dish and several said they want a copy of the recipe too. If it turns out well I might end up posting it here.

His friends are great.  They are exceptionally polite and considerate but, more importantly, really care about Angel.  The warmth and good affection they all have for each other is obvious and is not what I expected from a fraternity.  I have to admit that Angel's college experience has taught me a lot more about Greek Life than I ever thought I'd know.

We left shortly after dinner.  The guys were all lounging in front of the TV and I believe there were plans brewing for that evening.  Angel looked pleased with himself and quite content in his new surroundings.  It was easy to leave him there.


Annie said...

I love the look of the house and your description of it. It reminds me of houses built in the 1920s in a neighborhood I used to live in. We rented an upper apartment in a bigger version of one of them, with wood floors, archways, and sash windows. It's great you are so close to your son. I'm hoping for that when my son goes off to college.

Anonymous said...

I love the garden! I'm jealous. AJ seems to have settled into adulthood. As his aunt, I'm proud of him.

Julie said...

I love the house and garden, and the food looks delicious! That must have been a fun day. I'm glad Angel has a nice group of people to live with. It makes a big difference.

Drax said...

Aww! Thanks! (But I wish The Wicked Witch of the West would catch on how things work around here.)