If you see a whole thing - it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives... But up close a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. - Ursula K. LeGuin

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We will have been living in the current House of Dirt and Rocks for four years come this July.  In some ways I am "over" the house and in other ways I am not.   So I think about moving but do nothing about it except fantasize about other houses.

Ways In Which I Am Over This House

  1. It is not an attractive house and could never really be an attractive house.  My last home was very attractive.  What I could do to make this house more attractive is not worthwhile because I am renting.  
  2. When we first moved here the street was quiet with several empty lots.  There has been a lot of construction and all of it has been student housing so we are now a much busier and noisier street with frat parties. 
  3. The house is cold throughout the winter.
  4. The house has few closets and the ones that are here have no doors. 
  5. The kitchen, while large, is not conducive for cooking. 
  6. We've been battling termites for too long. 

Ways In Which I Am Not Over This House

  1. I can walk to my university.
  2. b can ride to his job.
  3. I can ride to my gym and the store (if necessary)
  4. It is cheap and my money can go towards paying off old debt and Angel's tuition.
  5. It has a large, fenced-in backyard that is good for Pupzilla and b's kayaks.
  6. Moving is time-consuming and a pain.

So it looks like we'll be staying a while and I'll just keep window-shopping. However it looks like I may be moving offices again this summer.  This will make the third office switch in four years but this one is at my request.  My current office is way to small for my needs.  The new office is in a different building and is on the side of campus that is near my favorite coffee shop. It is also in a suite that has more amenities conducive to the way I work and with colleagues I really like and don't get to see often enough (although I actually like all my colleagues so I'll miss the ones I'm moving away from, once I move).

I'm hoping the office move satisfies my need to relocate for at least a year or two.  If nothing else it will force me to throw things out.


Seeking Solace said...

There is nothing saying that you can't look around for something that fits your wish list. Who knows, it may come true.

But you are right. Moving is a pain!

Drax said...

Patience, young Jedi.

Julie said...

I know what you mean. Moving is a major pain. I knew I would have to move over a year in advance, and I thought I was going to be prepared.

For at least a year, I gave things away and did everything I could think of to streamline, hoping the physical move would be easy. We even sold most of our furniture. It was still a major ordeal!

On the other hand, it is sort of exciting to move. It's also great to dream. You're smart to start window shopping now. It's definitely a buyer's market.