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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pupzilla's Bed

Pupzilla has a bed that lies next to our bed. She is not allowed on our bed. The Brute is. Many think this is unfair. I am not one of them.

Although I wash the lining of the bed occasionally it often looks dirty and it smells. (Is it just me or do unbathed dogs always smell like this?).

Before we switched rooms and b built us a new bed, Pupzilla's bed was on his side. He really likes hearing her snore as she lies next to him. However if her bed was on his side it would block the door to the laundry room.

I have bed issues that must drive b crazy, although he is too sweet to admit it. In addition to my insistence on an incredibly firm (hard) mattress, the side of the bed that needs to be mine is decided on by some strange inner sense of place that only I understand. In other words it is not necessarily the right or left side; it is not necessarily the side by the window or the side by the door; but rather is the side that once I see the bed in the room says "Brigindo this is for you." I'm the same way in hotel rooms when there are double beds--one speaks to me the other doesn't. And yes this is another way I channel my mother but I'd rather not discuss it, thank you very much.

So I have the side next to Pupzilla. I get to hear her snore (ok anyone in the room can hear her snore) and I get first whiff of her nightly flatulence.

My side also fits the nightstand--which is good because I have a place for the stack of books that are always there--but is bad because (a) I'm now in charge of the alarm clock and (b) The Brute likes to climb on the nightstand, sit on my laptop, and knock my glasses to the floor when he wants someone to get up and feed him (which can be several times a night).

But this post is about Pupzilla's bed not mine.

The Brute, who believes it is his world and we are all welcome to live in it, has taken to sleeping on Pupzilla's bed. He snuggles right into the middle and starts his obssessive cleaning when she's not there. Eventually Pupzilla comes in and finds him there and is at a loss about what to do. She'll stand over him and glare but he just stares her down. She tried a very low growl the other night but he ignored it. (b made The Brute get up at that point for fear of it escalating). Last night she finally sighed and squeezed herself next to him. He snuggled in closer, gave her face a few licks and then got up and left.

We all eventually learn to give him what he wants.


MoxieMamaKC said...

I had to laugh. I have a stack of books on my bedside too... And... I had a cat when I was in high school who wouldn't let me sleep unless he was wrapped around my neck and purring as loud as a freight train.

We work around our pets and love them for who they are....I have bed issues too...It's all about *comfortable* compromise.

Thankfully, Handsome understands Fraidy Kat's adoration of me, and me alone. We sleep in peace...most of the time...

Nit said...

This is sooo funny & cute! Isn't it funny how we let our four-legged friends "run the roost"!

I think it is great that The Brute is willing to share his space with a darn cat :)

Deb said...

I cant decide where my loyalties lie ... Brute or Pupzilla. But I know I feel bad for you having to smell the flatulence every night. Raunchy!

Amanda said...

You are quite wise to have Pupzilla sleep on the floor. In our house, Dixie Dog gets to sleep on the bed and it's quite disturbing to wake up in the middle of the night to a cold nose... well, anywhere on your body!

Julie said...

Funny! I also have an innate feeling for the side of the bed I want! Isn't that wild?

And nah, we don't blame you for making Pupzilla sleep on the floor.

Eliza said...

I do the bed thing too--"my" side of the bed has changed every time we've moved; it has nothing to do with proximity to bathroom or preference for being near/away from a wall or anything logical at all, I just look at a bed and immediately know which side I need to be on. My husband thinks I am crazy. He may be right, but apparently I am in good company on that one. When I go to the movies with someone, however, I *MUST* sit on their left side or I can't enjoy the movie. Now that one probably *IS* crazy but it's harmless enough; I only see a movie in a theater every six to nine months and I don't even think my husband is onto me...