If you see a whole thing - it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives... But up close a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. - Ursula K. LeGuin

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Sad End to an Otherwise Lovely Evening

b came to pick me up from work today. He got off a little early, it was raining, and he had the car. He got to see my new office, which he claims is the best of the three so far. I have to say I've gotten surprisingly comfortable in there (the only downside that I've come across is that right outside my door there is the shredder--loud annoying noise--and the coffee pot--disgusting smell of burnt coffee).

It was a migraine day and even though my meds had started kicking in I thought it best to forgo the dojo. Boy went without me. b made us a yummy dinner of roast chicken, carrots, potatoes, onions and garlic-sauteed green beans. After dinner I caught up on my blog reading while b watch Alton Brown.

b came up with the fabulous idea of going out for ice cream. It was surprisingly chilly went we left the house and it was beginning to get dark. We saw the neighbor's kittens playing on the front yard, but they didn't want to come close for any pets or snuggles. We drove over to Ben and Jerry's and then walked around the outdoor shopping center as we devoured our cones--talking about how confusing women's clothing really is and other assorted nonsense.

We drove home and just as we pulled in front of our house the headlights flashed on the body of one of the kittens sprawled in the middle of the road. She must have just been hit. We weren't sure what to do but knew we couldn't leave her there. b went into the house to get gloves to pick her up with and noticed that our neighbor's light was on and suggested I go tell her.

Those of you who have been following along will remember my neighbor and her animals.

I knocked on her door and delivered the sad news. She ran out into the street and picked the little kitten up and brought her back, cradled in her arms. At first she wasn't sure if she was dead, although it was quite obvious. I stayed on the porch with her as she pet the kitten and talked about how much she meant to her. Her dog and another kitten kept trying to escape the house while all this was going on.

It was awkward and sad. I tried to be comforting because I could tell she was truly distraught but I was honestly mad at her for letting her animals out in the first place. She told me that she gave three of the kittens away to a home with dogs and two of them had been killed by the dogs already. She wondered if she should take the third one back now. I really have no idea how to answer such a question. Obviously the kitten wouldn't be safe in either home.

I left her after she placed the kitten's body in a little basket on her front porch. She went inside to get a towel to cover her and asked me to ask Boy if he'd help her dig a hole when he got home. Boy came home minutes later, with tales of a big night at the dojo filled with tournament sparring--it seems he did really well. I told him the story and her request. b was having nothing to do with it. His grief over the kitten had solidified completely into anger. Boy really didn't want to help but, being the good soul that he is, went anyway.

So now the kitten is laid to rest and I can only hope she doesn't get another.


life_of_a_fool said...

oh, it makes me so sad!!! Poor little kitten!

Amanda said...

Poor little kitten. I'm sorry that you had the end of your night spoiled by that (not to mention how bad I feel for the kitty.). I can only imagine how I would have answered that woman's question.

Deb said...

Aw Brig...that stinks. I know how sad you are. Sorry. And you did best by remaining quiet with the neighbor.

Hilaire said...

Oh, so sad. Oh dear. I'm so sorry. I hope, too, that she doesn't get any more cats.

MoxieMamaKC said...

I'm sorry you have such a difficult neighbor. I probably would have cat-napped the kittens and played dumb. I hate animal abuse...Sorry to hear that.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry you had a crummy end to the evening. Pet owners like that make me mad! Yes, the way you handled it was just right.

k8 said...

How horrible! She should not have pets.